In a world where trends rapidly change and people shift between jobs more often than before, developing a healthy company culture is essential. You might wonder, why is it that important? Well, from highlighting your company culture in job listings to creating engaging initiatives for your team, it can help you build a strong and productive team.  

Wondering how to do it from the get-go? Want to improve the culture at your company? Keep reading for a couple of our tips!

Attract & Retain Top Talent 💼

Various benefits and a competitive salary are sometimes simply not enough. Most people are looking for a meaningful work environment that brings extra value to their lives, and we get it! Companies with a great culture put an emphasis on collaboration and personal growth. Their teams are often people with shared interests, and they keep up employee retention rates. And, to be honest, pretty much everyone wants to work in a place that appreciates a healthy culture.

So, what to do?

  • Clearly define and communicate your company’s values. Do it everywhere! In job postings, interviews, while onboarding new team members, all the way to your social media platforms. And if you didn’t define them yet, now is the time to do it! This way, you’ll attract people with similar principles, so it makes it more likely that your team will collaborate in a more cohesive and friendly way.
  • Try to do your best to gather feedback from your team on a regular basis. From weekly or monthly check-ins to yearly 360 reviews, knowing how your team feels at work is important. Doing it regularly can help employees grow, resolve any possible problems or misunderstandings, and result in better communication and an overall healthy atmosphere. Plus, those who feel good at work want to stay, so the expected results could be higher retention rates.
  • Benefits and competitive pay still shouldn’t be overlooked. Think of some perks you’d like to have that can benefit everyone, such as flexible working hours and remote options, a 4-day work week, healthcare and pension plans, further education options, and more. Don’t forget to mention those in your job listings!

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Talk That Talk 🗣️

One of the basics every company needs to thrive and foster a positive environment is, you guessed it, effective collaboration skills. How to do it?

  • Encourage open and friendly communication so your team feels comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts.
  • Implement certain tools that can help with quicker feedback, better coordination, and transparency, such as a great ATS for instance. It can offer easy conversation between team members while your company is growing.
  • Recognize good work done, share it, and celebrate with everyone!

Great communication with your team can help you create a sense of unity and shared purpose among team members, and boost productivity. As an added bonus – it can help people bond over similar interests, building friendships in the meantime. Having a team of happy, motivated, and supportive employees beats no other. The more the merrier!

A Healthy Work Environment is a Must ⚖️

One of the things you should never overlook at work is caring for a healthy and friendly environment. Prioritizing your team’s well-being can create a positive surrounding, encourage open discussions, and promote a good work-life balance (that’s a must for us). Developing a great company culture can create a supportive atmosphere where every team member feels valued and appreciated.

  • Offer various perks, such as generous vacation policies, parental leave, or extra days off for special events like weddings, all of which can help in creating a healthy work-life balance.
  • Promote various self-care practices, from encouraging physical activity with fitness benefits, to access to mental health resources.
  • Different team-building activities can give an opportunity for all employees to connect, build friendships, and take a break from their daily work routine.

This can result in increased motivation, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Don’t forget about the free snacks and game breaks!

To conclude, you should never put developing a healthy company culture aside. From the beginning when you’re just attracting talent (visit PontaHR to see how our ATS can help you out), to cultivating an enjoyable workplace environment and retaining your employees, a strong company culture plays a vital role. So, we’d say it seems like a pretty smart move for success, because wouldn’t you want to be a part of something great?

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