Our vision for PontaHR is much bigger than what you can see today. Hopefully, the roadmap we’ve outlined here will offer a better sense of what we’re building.

Why PontaHR?

Our goal with PontaHR is to offer companies a modern solution to run their company. We want to help you hire and manage your employees in a single, beautiful experience you will love using.

Job Listings
Candidate Selection
Candidate Database
Customizable Workflows
Employee Availability
Time-off Approvals
Employee Engagement
360º Reviews
Employee Profiles
Culture Building Tools


Features we launched in the last six months.
Track applicant sources
Full candidate database
Two-way emailing
Customizable scorecards
Email inbox integration
Email scheduling
Detect repeat applications
Easy document preview
Duplicate listings
Rejection reasons
Saved applications
Open applications
Candidate management
Public API
Search for candidates
Custom application forms
Custom workflows
Publish job listings
Support for drafts
Scorecards and comments
Instant job boards
Candidate activity feed
Bulk actions on applicants
Sign in with Google
Light and dark theme

In Progress

Features we’re currently designing and developing.
Rich candidate profiles
Hiring reports


We’re actively thinking about how to build these.
In-app notifications
Schedule and availability
Time-off approvals
Birthdays and anniversaries


This is our “idea board” and is not prioritized in any way.
Members per workflow stage
Group people into teams
LinkedIn browser extension
Commenting on drafts
Restrict signups to domains
Organization chart
Interview scheduling
Support for multiple locations
Company handbook
Onboarding checklist
Offboarding checklist
Slack integration
Equipment tracking
360-degree reviews
1-on-1 interviews
Tracking employee goals
Self-assesment tools
Employee satisfaction surveys
+ and a lot more...

Your voice matters.

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