An applicant tracking system (or ATS for short) is a recruitment and hiring solution created to help your team make the best possible choices when it comes to hiring new team members. Which candidate has the most relevant experience? Who would be the best culture fit? Were any of the candidates recommended by someone on your team? An ATS can help you track all of this information. So, let's break down some of the most important ways an ATS can help your hiring process.

Cooperation 🤝

Having an applicant tracking system in place can really benefit your team and the way they collaborate. Firstly, an ATS keeps all communication in one place –  a shared space everyone included in the hiring process can access. This way, no information is lost in a pile of emails or other documents and no one is “left behind”, out of the loop.
Secondly, a good ATS also lets the entire hiring team easily mark which candidates they like best and who they want to see in the next step of the selection process. All opinions in one place and a space to comment can help your team work together faster and better.

Coordination 🤹

A good ATS has to be intuitive and easy to use. Ideally, it should help you keep all your applications organized, let you have a simple overview of the hiring stages, and easily see where each candidate is in this pipeline. This way, you can plan your next steps, see which candidates might be more urgent to contact, know which team members need a reminder to go through the CVs or check the quality of current applications.

Overall, an ATS helps you make a more thought-out decision for your next move.

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PontaHR is an all-in-one ATS and HRIS solution that allows you to hire great talent, onboard employees, maintain your knowledge base, track employee engagement, and more.

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Candidate experience 📇

When used right, an ATS is a game-changer for the candidates applying to work with you as well. Chances are, you’ll be more responsive and more likely to get back to them in a timely manner. You’re also more likely to never skip a candidate so everyone who applies will be notified and contacted. Anyone who applied to a job they really want knows the struggle of never getting feedback so this could improve your image as an employer as well.

The impact an ATS can have on your business is vast. From improving the way your team functions, helping you work more efficiently, to bettering the perception of your company in the eyes of everyone who applies to work with you. So why not try PontaHR for all your recruitment management needs?

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